Our First Review on Amazon!

Reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble really help us get the word out about Falling Out of Love With My Career and we are so delighted to let you know that we have our first amazon review! It’s a 5-star review from Paul Barth:

“A fantastic read that speaks to me!
First, I have to say, the paperback feels so good in my hands! I never thought about the way a book sits in my hands before but for some reason this one does perfectly! A soft but semi grippy texture from cover-to-cover A+.

I crack open the book and the foreword and intro offer a comforting way to get to know the author while setting up the journey she’s about to take me through.

This book relates to me in so many ways! Significant others who aren’t there for you and won’t let you grow, divorce, family, jobs that tear you down, the crossroads of wondering what you’re really supposed to be doing with your life, dealing with anxiety and the roller coaster of emotions that constantly flood your brain when going through these life events.

This book will make you think about living the life you want and how to start it. It’ll also let you know if you’re in a bad point in life, keep going-it gets better. And, my favorite, it made me realize what’s the most important commodity in my life – time.
Give this book a read, I think you’ll learn something about yourself.”

If you do purchase a copy of Falling Out of Love With My Career, please leave a review on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble. It really matters.


Falling Out of Love With My Career Review



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